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Brits Re-Open Diana Probe

British police are reopening their investigation into the death of Princess Diana, and they're looking into the possibility that it wasn't an accident, CBSNEWS Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir John Stevens will retrace Diana's movements the night of the crash that killed her as her car traveled at high speed through a tunnel in central Paris.

"We will be looking at the scene of what has taken place. Obviously, statements, videos and pictures are being seen. But it's very important that I actually have a look at the scene," says Stevens.

"Today is all about going to the scene. We'll be driving a car down there. We'll be looking at the scene and also I'll be meeting my French counterpart."

A thorough French investigation of the accident discounted conspiracy theories that suggested Diana was killed because she was pregnant by her Egyptian lover, Dodi Fayed. The French report instead blames the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul, for driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

Now, seven years later, a team of British detectives working for the royal coroner will conduct its own investigation – in a final attempt to end speculation about the death of Britain's most famous princess.

The inquest report is expected by the end of this year.

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