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Bravo star's son to be arrested for beating a homeless man, police say

Police are looking to arrest the son of Alexia Echeverria, who stars in Bravo's "Real Housewives of Miami," for allegedly beating a homeless man.

The incident was caught on tape, according to police, who say that Peter Rosello is facing battery charges, which could mean up to five years in prison if convicted, reports CBS station WFOR.

Police believe the man in a 36-second video that was posted online to be Rosello, who is seen punching a homeless man who was lying on the sidewalk.

Detectives said the video was posted to Rosello's Facebook account, but it has since been deleted, reports the station.

Rosello's mother Echeverria told WFOR, "I'm sorry at this time I can't say anything. I'm saddened by the whole situation."