Bradley Cooper: "Can't fake" chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence

Bradley Cooper on "CBS This Morning."
Bradley Cooper on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Oscar nominee and "Silver Linings Playbook" star Bradley Cooper said his role in the film helped him to better understand the plight of those with mental illness. The actor played a bipolar man fighting to put his life back together and starred alongside Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence.

Cooper knew there was lot at stake playing a role that was so meaningful to director David Russell. Russell's own son suffers from bipolar disorder and Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," Cooper said, "The pressure that I felt was based on how personal I knew the movie was ... there's a lot at stake when someone's asking you do something that means so much to them."

But some of that pressure was relieved by the natural chemistry Cooper and co-star Jennifer Lawrence, had onscreen.

"You can't fake that," Cooper said, before adding, "That's just luck."

For more from Bradley Cooper on filming a movie in the city where he grew up and what it was like to be treated -- and stigmatized -- as a someone with a mood disorder, watch the video above.