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Boston Market Passes the Savings on to TV Viewers

A current TV spot for Boston Market was already pretty--shall we say, produced inexpensively. Just two guys, supposedly twins, sitting on barstools telling the camera about the restaurant chain's "cheap" food.

bostonmarketBut at $5.99, the "meal size deals" weren't cheap enough, apparently. So rather than re-film the whole thing, Boston Market apparently overdubbed one guy saying "$4.99" where he had previously said "$5.99."

The overdub wasn't subtle enough for Matt Van Hoven of Mediabistro's Agency Spy blog to miss it.

Boston Market "probably dropped their prices by a buck to entice people that weren't convinced by the $5.99 version of this spot," he wrote.

And he took the opportunity to blast the chain for having the audacity to exist. "Who the hell thought putting Boston and chicken together was a good idea?" he asked. "We go to Boston for the crazy accents, awesome baseball, intense drinking, and really confusing roads. Chicken? Boston? That's like visiting the Arctic for their hot springs."