Book Review: The New Coffeehouse Investor

Last Updated Sep 28, 2010 4:28 PM EDT

My true passion is educating investors who have been led astray by Wall Street and much of the financial media. This is why I have written nine books on the winning strategy and have two more in the works. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by investment books, viewing them as "too complex," which is why I wrote my short and simple book Wise Investing Made Simple and its sequel Wise Investing Made Simpler. If you're looking for an even simpler book, I have the perfect choice for you: The New Coffeehouse Investor.

Written by my friend Bill Schultheis (who also writes the Coffeehouse Investor blog), it explains the winning strategy in the simplest terms possible. Bill provides powerful stories and analogies demonstrating that not only is passive investing (e.g., indexing) the winning investment strategy, but far more importantly, it's also the winning strategy in life. And he does so in a very simple and engaging style.

Friend and fellow author Bill Bernstein (whose books are all must-reads for serious students of investing) had this to say about The New Coffeehouse Investor: "First, the bad news: finance is a scary and difficult subject that you're going to have to master if you want to avoid a retirement diet of Alp and Little Friskies. Now the good news news: for the price of a half-dozen lattes, Bill Schultheis will ride to your rescue with The New Coffeehouse Investor, a how-to guide to saving your future that goes down as smoothly and deliciously as a dark, rich Kona brew."

So, if you've been making excuses about why you won't read a book on investing, you no longer have an excuse. Make this your next must-read. It'll be one of the best investments of time and money you'll ever make.

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