Bonnie Fuller's New Online Venture: Femme-Friendly Bonnie Fuller Media

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Some dribs and drabs had been trickling out about Bonnie Fuller's new online venture ever since she left American Media under some controversy last month, and now NYT's David Carr does an excruciatingly long profile of the legendary editor and has some new details of her new online venture. The company, called Bonnie Fuller Media, is based in NYC, and will focus on online "femme-friendly products that will include, but not be limited to, gossip, fashion and romance," the story says. She is working with Russ Pillar, an investor and the former head of the interactive division of Viacom...through his 5850 Group, he is raising "tens of millions" of dollars to back Fuller as a brand.

"It's going to be media by, for and about women..I'd really like to take advantage of all different forms of media including Web, mobile, blogging and discussion boards to communicate with women." Remains to be seen how she fares amidst the already crowded online sector she is focusing on, but then, her track record is something to contend with, of course. "Every time I have done something in my career, I have been told that the market was too cluttered, and every time my ability to connect with women has allowed me to break through," she said in the story.

We will ask her more on it at our EconCeleb conference in Hollywood next month on July 23rd, where she is a keynote speaker.

By Rafat Ali