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Boehner Tells Pro-drilling Dems To 'put Up Or Shut Up'

House Republicans are stepping up the pressure on Democrats they believe would support an expansion of domestic oil drilling, sending a letter Wednesday to 22 Democrats who they hope will sign on to the GOP plan to address high gas prices.

"Today, the Republican leaders in the House are sending a letter to 22 of our Democratic colleagues who say they want more energy, yet they continue to vote with Speaker Pelosi to block our all of the above plan,“ said House Republican Leader John Boehner.

“They can’t have it both ways...We are basically telling them to put up or shut up.”

Pelosi outlined a plan last week that would include opening up parts of the Outer Continental Shelf to drilling as part of a larger package that included rescinding tax breaks for big oil companies.

Republicans immediately dismissed Pelosi's plan, favoring their own approach which combines a robust expansion of domestic oil drilling coupled with an expansion of alternative energy.

The letter was sent to Democratic Reps Altmire, Boyda, Carney, Cazayoux, Childers, Davis, Foster, Giffords, Hill, Kagen, Kanjorski, Mahoney, Marshall, McNerney, Mitchell, Moore, Murphy (CT), Murphy (PA), Shea-Porter, Space, Walz, and Yarmuth.

Many of the Democrats on the list like Pennsylvania Rep Jason Altmire and Louisiana Rep Don Cazayoux have publicly called for an expansion of domestic oil drilling. Republicans are betting that the other names on the list will embrace their proposal in the face of a tough reelection fight in November.

Republicans have spent weeks occupying the House floor, demanding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call Congress back into session to hold a vote on increasing domestic oil production.