Bob's Blog: Europe on Edge

WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Our friends in Europe are more anxious than ever as they launch new police raids against suspected terrorists in France, Belgium and Germany.

Speaking in Paris on Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the people of France were experiencing a "living nightmare."

Belgian police killed two terror suspects in a raid designed to prevent an "imminent" Paris-style attack there. And an Ohio man was arrested for allegedly plotting to bomb the U.S. Capitol.

The worry here is two-fold. Thousands of Westerners have left home to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside ISIS, and they could return to attack Europe. Plus, it's easier than ever to become radicalized from home, thanks to social media and do-it-yourself terrorist manuals on the Internet.

We'll sit down with British Prime Minister David Cameron to talk about the challenges Europe faces in its new war on terror. He's a close ally of President Barack Obama - he's already committed British fighter jets to the American-led military intervention against ISIS in Iraq. The question now is: What more can be done? The threats to Europe, and even America, are too big to ignore.

We'll also talk to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Rubio sits on the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence committees and has written a new book, "American Dreams," about tackling America's issues with "21st century solutions." We'll talk to him about foreign policy, his new book and whether or not he'll run for the Republican nomination in 2016.

We'll preview President Obama's State of the Union address and discuss the U.S. plan to combat terror attacks here at home with White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer.

For expert analysis on the terror threat, we'll talk to CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell.

Finally, we'll turn to our panel for insight on the news of the week and a look at the latest 2016 developments. Joining us this week are former Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter, Michael Gerson of the Washington Post, Mark Halperin of Bloomberg and our own CBS News Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes. We'll also have a brand new CBS News poll that has some surprising results about who Republicans and Democrats want to run for President in 2016.

We hope you'll tune in this Sunday! Check your local listings.