Bob Schieffer on the "relentless" Barbara Walters

A photo of television journalist Barbara Walters on the set of the "Today" in New York City in 1976.

Raymond Borea/Getty Images

Barbara Walters said her goodbyes last week. To the many well-deserved accolades, I'll just add this: she was the best reporter I ever competed against.

The word "relentless" must have been invented to describe her.

Just one more story: At the 1980 Republican convention, when there were reports Ronald Reagan was thinking of choosing former President Ford as his running mate, the whole convention came to a stop and people stood, mouths agape, as Walter Cronkite got Mr. Ford into our anchor booth for an exclusive interview.

All but Barbara, that is.

She was pounding on the anchor booth door trying to get in -- was she trying to join the interview, or just hustle Ford out of there?

We never knew, because we locked the door! (We knew who we were dealing with.)

But she got the next interview.

So thanks for the memories, Barbara. You may say you're retiring, but I don't believe a word of it.

My guess is the next big story that breaks, you'll find a way to get in on it -- because you're Barbara.

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