Bob Schieffer Falls for Autumn

A maple tree is ablaze in fall color near a statue in Lafayette Park across from the White House on October 26, 2009 in Washington. Trees are changing colors as days become shorter and winter approaches. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)
Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images
I would guess that more poems have been written about spring than any other time of the year.

And it's not surprising; spring is a time of beginnings, of expectations and hope.

But yesterday I noticed the leaves on my favorite maple tree were beginning to turn. They are yellow now - soon they'll be red.

I've been watching that tree put on its fall show for many a year now.

Every year seems better than the one before.

I love spring, but I've come to like the fall even more, maybe because as we grow older we come to understand that the last part of anything can be as beautiful as the beginning, because only then can we fully appreciate what has gone before.

Fall brings its special delights - the colors, the crispness in the air, Halloween and Election Day - even though it is getting harder and harder to tell which is which - they are still both worth doing.

Best of all, fall brings college football. With its spectacle of bands and alumni and cheerleaders and students, it brings an excitement that professional sports just can't match.

I could tell you that my enthusiasm has nothing to do with the fact that my team, the TCU Horned Frogs, is one of the best in the country this year - but I won't.

Because, the truth is, it has everything to do with it, and I am having a fine time just thinking about all of it.

I love fall. So far, this has been a really good one.

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    Bob Schieffer is a CBS News political contributor and former anchor of "Face The Nation," which he moderated for 24 years before retiring in 2015.