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BNET Rewind: Outsmart Groupon, Pay Less for Hotels, End E-Mail Mistakes, and More!

Welcome to Business Hacks Rewind, an occasional look back at some of the best posts from our past -- both recent and distant. Why the sudden nostalgia? We know how busy you are, and how difficult it can be to consume everything we put in front of you. This is just our way of sharing some good stuff you might have missed the first time around.

How to Collect Customer Data When You Run a Groupon Campaign

Groupon should be a killer lead-generation tool, but all you get is each customer's name. Here's how one organization managed to work around that limitation and score customer-data gold.

Four New Rules for Conference-Call Etiquette

Maybe someday, business schools will teach people how to behave on conference calls. Until then, share this list of common-sense rules with everyone you know.

5 Strategies for a Better Hotel Rate

Large companies have a plethora of ways to minimize travel costs. But if you have a small business and need to plan a trip on your own, it can be hard to get the best rates.

How to Save Money on Your Next Laptop

For heaven's sake, stop paying retail! By following these five tips, you stand to save a small fortune on your next laptop purchase -- and maybe even a large one.

12 Career-Limiting E-mail Mistakes You Can Learn to Avoid

Most of us rely on e-mail more than the phone and sometimes even more than face-to-face. So why do we still see so many stupid, career-limiting e-mail errors?

The One Thing You Should Never Do First Thing in the Morning

Fill your coffee cup? No, that's okay. Chat with co-workers? Okay, too (but keep it quick). Here's a hint: it's something that can seriously distract you from the real work that needs to get done.
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