BNET Rewind: Bad-Breath Killers, Killer iPhone Apps, Deadly Office Behavior, and More!

Welcome back to Business Hacks Rewind, where we take an occasional look back at some of the best posts from our past -- both recent and distant. Why the nostalgia? We know how busy you are, and how difficult it can be to consume everything we put in front of you. This is just our way of sharing some good stuff you might have missed the first time around.

8 Ways to Hack Bad Breath
Ordering extra onions on your lunchtime hoagie seemed harmless enough at the time -- until you remembered that 1 p.m. client meeting.

The Deadliest Thing You're Doing at the Office
There are lots of deadly things you can do on the job. Bomb a presentation. Tell an inappropriate joke. Ask an overweight co-worker when the baby's due. But it turns out there's a real and serious danger that comes just from stepping foot in the office every day -- or, rather, from plunking down at your desk.

The Verizon iPhone: 10 Must-Have Business Apps
Welcome to the iPhone party, Verizon subscribers! By now you've no doubt discovered what all the fuss is about (FaceTime! Visual voicemail! Angry Birds!) and you're ready to take your device to the next level.

How to Hold Conference Calls That Don't Suck
Think meetings are bad? Conference calls are worse. Half the time you can't hear what's being said or tell who's saying it, and it's impossible to keep everyone's attention (you know most folks are checking e-mail, playing Solitaire, or both).

Free Web Conferencing: '' for Instant Screen-Sharing
Web conferencing tools are a dime a dozen, but many of them make attendees jump through hoops in order to participate: register for the service, download and install software, and so on. Hassle city! offers fast, hassle-free Web conferencing.