BNET Readers Wanted

thinker.JPGAre you a frequent BNET reader who lives and/or works in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are you planning to be in the vicinity October 8, 9, or 10?

If so, we're offering a fun, no-holds-barred opportunity to tell us what's right and what's wrong with BNET Industries in order to help make it a better, more useful product for you.

You'll be able to:

  • Rant
  • Rave
  • Speak out
  • Bloviate
  • Testify
  • Opine
...about BNET's Industries coverage, layout and design. You will be the judge.

These will be in-person, one-hour interviews in downtown San Francisco. (Yes, you'll be able to see the inside of CBS Interactive's hip SOMA offices.) Your opinion is valuable to us, and participants will be compensated for their time.

Click here to see if you qualify.