Blinded By ... Love?

Love is a kind of madness that wipes out lofty moral codes and exists in its own little world.

Love is all consuming and absorbs every second of the day and night.

Love is blind – and so, it's worth mentioning at this stage, is the villain of my piece this morning, Mr. David Blunkett. He is the senior Minister in Tony Blair's Cabinet who is charged with our homeland security. A blind Government Minister ... divorced... with, we now discover, a rather bland married... and now pregnant woman as his girlfriend.

Aside from all the obvious moral issues surrounding this seedy affair, what really worries me is that our head of security could be found out so easily. How is it that a man with that much power and protection could have his private life laid so bare in the tabloids?

Either way, this rather tedious and ridiculous situation might have left Britain more vulnerable and at greater risk of terrorism. As one of our most senior statesmen, David Blunkett should be busy protecting us, not appearing in the Sunday papers as a rather sad and aging lothario with a controversial paternity battle ahead.

What a shame we don't have your Constitution to force Mr Blunkett out of office until he has sorted out his personal problems. But worse even than someone else's pregnant wife as his girlfriend is Blunkett's hypocrisy.

This ex-lay preacher has been puritanical in his condemnation of the morally corrupt, of our so-called permissive society leading to the breakdown of the family unit. And here he is breaking up a family unit. He has also never been shy of introducing draconian methods of control over the rest of us from his moral high ground. How dare he now say that this sad little mess is none of our business?

As well you know, there is none so blind as those who don't want to see and there is none so loathsome as a politician with a moral blind spot when it comes to his own actions.

By Petrie Hosken