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BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts: Five E-Mail Time-Savers

Keyboard shortcuts rock. They take mere minutes to learn but can save you considerable time over the long haul.

They're not just for PCs, either. If you're a BlackBerry user, mastering a few keys can make reading e-mail a much faster and easier experience. Digital Inspiration breaks them down in BlackBerry Shortcuts for Reading Lengthy Emails:

G - Returns you to your previous position when you re-open a message

B - Jumps you to the bottom of the current message

T - Jumps you to the top of the current message

Space - Scroll through the message one page at a time

And one killer shortcut Digital Inspiration neglected to mention? The R key, which instantly creates a reply to the current message.

Got any other BlackBerry shortcuts worth sharing? Hit the comments and list your favorites.

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