Bill Is A Bad Word

Schieffer Face the Nation
Nobody expected a game of bean bag but when John McCain compared George W. Bush to President Clinton, Bush exploded, called it "over the line," an assault on his integrity, even took out an ad on TV to complain about it.

McCain shot back that Bush's people had been trying to compare him to Clinton too, but when McCain's charge seemed to backfire, he took it off TV and said he'd go back to the high road.

In Republican circles, anyway, calling some one "Clinton" turned out to be this year's version of your mama wears combat boots.

Exit polls suggested that voters did hold it against McCain.

Sure, it's a campaign and sure they're Republicans. But how ironic.

When invoking the name of a President who has presided over one of America's great economic booms at a time when the nation was at peace becomes a political insult.

Only a footnote perhaps. But for Bill Clinton who is said to worry these days about his legacy, one more reminder of the price he paid for that personal he called it.