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Bill Gates and Creative Capitalism--Oh, Give Me A Break!

Now Bill Gates is running off to Switzerland and giving speeches about how we need a more "creative capitalism" that better addresses the needs of the poor. A softer, gentler form of capitalism, is what he suggested to assembled world leaders at the Davos gabfest.

But doesn't anyone remember? This is the man who ran the company that wanted to "choke off the air supply" of an irritating rival called Netscape. This is the company that has maintained a monopoly on the desktop's software called Windows. It was the subject of a major inquiry by the U.S. Department of Justice and the company is still fighting with European authorities over its "bundling" of different software programs, which critics allege has the effect of squeezing out competitors.

It's very evident what Gates is doing--he's going down the same path that the Rockefellers, Mellons and Carnegies did. You make a ton of money, however necessary, and then, only then, you start worrying about your soul. Charity riseth. But please spare us the moral piety.