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Bill Cosby's lawyer fires back at Judy Huth's lawsuit

Bill Cosby is firing back at Judy Huth, the California woman who alleges the comedian molested her at the Playboy Mansion around 1974 when she was 15 years old.

In her lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, Huth states that Cosby gave her drinks and then sexually assaulted her.

Now according to TMZ and Gossip Cop, Cosby's lawyer, Marty Singer, has filed legal documents (obtained by the sites), calling the accusations "absolutely false," "unreliable" and "untimely" -- and filled with fabricated lies.

The docs say Huth's attorney demanded $100,000 for silence -- or risk criminal penalties. According to Cosby's filing, Huth's lawyer later increased that to $250,000 as more women came out with their own allegations against the comedian.

Huth said in her suit that she and Cosby first played a drinking game, but Singer says Cosby is "a lifelong non-drinker."

Cosby is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed and wants monetary sanctions, too, reports TMZ.

Cosby's career continues to spiral as more women come out against the 77-year-old actor in the ongoing alleged rape scandal. On Thursday, the Navy announced it would revoke his title of honorary chief petty officer, saying allegations of sexual abuse made him go against its core values.

This comes after networks pulled his shows and venues continue to cancel his stand-up gigs.

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