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Big Tony Winners

This year's Tony Awards made for a surprising, historical and magnetic night. Hollywood and Broadway's biggest stars came out to celebrate and it seemed everyone was rooting for one man -- the show's host, Hugh Jackman.

"Hugh Jackman has been a friend for a while," said Rene Zellweger. "He's so dynamic, and it's his night."

Helen Mirren made no qualms about she nominee she supported as she said, "I love Hugh Jackman."

Nathan Lane added, "Most looking forward to tonight? Hugh Jackman shaking his booty."

The stars didn't have to wait too long, Jackman opened the 58th Annual Tony Awards with a musical medley of Broadway's best.

But, the show's host was also one of the night's big winners -- taking home the award for Best Actor in a Musical, which was presented by fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman.

Jackman said, "As they were reading the names, I couldn't hear Nicole. I was literally like a lip reader. My wife, she promised if I didn't win - cause she thought I was going to win and I said stop it - and she said I'm so confident, if you don't win I'm going to run naked down Broadway and I thought as Nicole was going out, I thought, this could be kind of cool, I wouldn't mind seeing my wife run down Broadway."

Tony history was also made Sunday night, as Phylicia Rashad, known to most as Mrs. Huxtable on television's "The Cosby Show," became the first black actress to win Best Lead in a Play for the revival of "A Raisin in the Sun."

"We don't train to play one role or one type of role," said Rashad. "We train in ways to hopefully help us get access to understanding of many things and all of the feelings that are our lives."

Rashad's costar, Audra McDonald, won her fourth award as Best Featured Actress.

The musical "Wicked," which tells the backstory of the witches from "The Wizard of Oz," was expected to be the night's big winner, and walked off with three awards -- including Best Actress for the Wicked Witch of the West, Idina Menzel, who shared the night with her husband, actor Taye Diggs.

"Having Taye with me helped make the moment more incredible," said Menzel. "I've come home through rehearsals and just bounced so many things off him and when I felt really insecure about what we were doing. He supported me. That's what he should do though, he's a husband."

And, it certainly didn't suck to be "Avenue Q" -- the offbeat musical, which mixes puppets and humans for a unique theater experience. That show pulled off the night's biggest upset -- winning three awards, which included Best Musical.

Another big winner was the Pulitzer Prize winning "I Am My Own Wife," which walked off with Best Play and Best Actor honors.

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