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Biden Says McCain Has "Poor Judgement"

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(ALLENTOWN, PA.) - Joe Biden made a stop at a college gymnasium Thursday night, where aside from his normal mocking of John McCain's "maverick" self-association and his "common philosophy" shared with George W. Bush, he laid an unusually harsh attack on McCain's judgement.

"In a dangerous world, you see Barack Obama exercise sound judgment about Iraq, about Afghanistan and about Korea while John McCain has demonstrated poor judgment," said Biden.

When talking about the importance of the election, he momentarily got distracted by the Muhlenberg College Mules mascot.

"The stakes have not been the way, I love your mascot, I call them donkeys, you call them mules."

He went into a lengthy speech about his hometown of Scranton and how he saw the city crumble around him growing up as a child -- town which he once said had been so vibrant.

Joining a phrase Obama has recently put forth, Biden said, "Folks, I know, I know, we're not running against President Bush, but we are running against the very Bush economic policies that John McCain continues to cling to, continues to believe in. If you want to know where those policies are going to lead us, just look in the rearview mirror, that's where you'll know where it's leading us."

Earlier in the day, McCain spokesman Ben Porritt released a statement in response to Biden's remarks.

"Either Joe Biden refuses to admit or it isn't in his script that Barack Obama is the only candidate in this race irresponsible enough to vote for the pork laced Energy Bill from 2005 that was loaded down with handouts for big oil companies. Barack Obama's record is no better on energy than it is on taxes which is why he is the most out of touch liberal in the United States Senate."

Biden campaigns today in Delaware and Ohio with his wife, Jill Biden.

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