Biden says contraception debate "remarkable"

(CBS News) On "Face the Nation," Vice President Joe Biden told host Bob Schieffer that the recent debate over contraception coverage is "remarkable," and that opponents to contraception coverage are "totally out of touch with reality."

"I just find it remarkable that the argument is even taking place," Biden said. "I think it's totally out of touch with reality and totally out of touch with what the Independents." The vice president also said it violates "the right of women to decide for themselves, whether or not they want to use contraception."

The nation became embroiled in a debate over contraception after the president announced a rule requiring employees of religious institutions have access to contraception coverage. Republicans in Congress and GOP presidential candidates decried the move, saying it violates religious freedom.

President Obama modified the rule slightly, and Biden told Schieffer that the president is pleased with the final decision.

"The President ended up exactly where he intended and where he began, which was that... every woman in America should be able to have insurance coverage for birth control if she so chooses," Biden said.

In response to a question by Schieffer about reports that he advised the president against making the rule, Biden said the reports are true but that the president's final rule, which takes the onus off the employer and places it on the insurance company to provide contraception coverage, took into account Biden's consideration.

"That's exactly where this thing ended up," Biden said.

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