Biden dives into 2012 fray

The general election is in full-swing, at least in the eyes of the Obama administration, which is running against Mitt Romney. It appears a lot of big-name Republicans agree with the White House on at least one thing: It's gonna be Mitt. Just in the past few days, Romney picked up endorsements from influential Republicans like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Pres. George H.W. Bush and House Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

The fact that Vice President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with me for Sunday's show is just one more indication that the Obama reelect campaign is out and swinging. In a speech on Wednesday, Biden told a group of manufacturers in Davenport, Iowa that manufacturing and the economy were gaining momentum. He warned though, "The one thing that could bring that momentum to a screeching halt is turning over the keys to the White House to Santorum or Romney." He had lots more to say about Romney in our interview.

Biden confident top Court will uphold health law

Also on Sunday, I'll talk to Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. They're the two candidates in the Republican primary that everyone keeps asking, "Why are they in this race?" I'm curious to see what they'll tell me about that on Sunday. Gingrich told me a few weeks ago that he is "committed to going all the way to Tampa." This week in our Face to Face interview, Rick Tyler, an adviser to the pro-Gingrich Super PAC, told me he thought Gingrich would stay in through Tampa excepting some "extraordinary circumstance."

Rick Tyler: I believe Gingrich will go to Tampa

We've also got a roundtable with Romney adviser Kevin Madden, CBS News' Jan Crawford and John Dickerson, and PBS News Hour's Gwen Ifill. We'll take a look at the Supreme Court battle over the Affordable Care Act. Watching oral argument this week, it looks like it could be bad news for the Obama administration. But as Vice President Biden told me in our interview, "nobody's ever made any money" by betting on the Court.

Biden on Romney: He offers "nothing"

It is a safe bet that we'll bring up gas prices this Sunday. I think they'll one of the key issues in the general election. Gas prices are easier for people to wrap their heads around than billion-dollar deficits because the number looks you right in the eye when you're pumping gas - and if you're spending more than you ought to be, you know it.

How are we fitting all of this news in on Sunday? Because we're expanding to one hour. I've been hosting the show for over 20 years, and I've been lobbying my bosses every year for an extra 30 minutes. We finally got the extra time, and we're going to fill it with news. Don't expect any bells and whistles - just more newsmakers, more questions, and I hope, more answers.

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