Better Embassies, Better Security

Thousands of supporters of immigrant rights return to the starting point of their march, Friday, March, 24, 2006, in Phoenix as they rally in a call for more humane reform of immigration laws. The turnout clogged major thoroughfares in central Phoenix in a rare mass rally in Arizona that surprised police and organizers alike.
An ambitious construction program is in the works for the White House to build about 100 new embassy over the next 10 years to increase security, said a top State Department official.

A special commission has recommended a $1.4 billion effort to enhance the safety of U-S diplomats.

Officials say diplomats' safety has been a high priority since the 1998 embassy bombings in Africa, which occurred two years ago today.

But there's also concern that Congress might not be willing to pay for the work.

The government estimates that 85 percent of overseas facilities don't meet minimum safety requirements, and there also are fears that terrorists are monitoring American outposts overseas.

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