Best PR Vodcasts and Podcasts

If you're looking for your free PR advice in video or audio form (as opposed to text), here are two of the best you should check out:

Doug Simon's DS Simon Vlog Views:

Doug is a veteran New York video producer who has made the move into online video and decided to show off his talents by posting interviews with top PR industry leaders. Recent interviewees include Peter Shankman of HARO, Ken Makovsky, Richard Laermer of Bad Pitch Blog, and Sam Singer.

Eric Schwartzman's On the Record, Online:

Eric is a machine, cranking out detailed podcasts and giving trainings about online PR at a furious pace. You get the benefit of it, as he posts his On the Record, Online podcast here. Recent interviewees include Dave Armon of PR Newswire, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, Keith O'Brien of PR Week, and David Carr of the New York Times.