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Best In Show

When Working Mother Media and Corporate Voices for Working Families decided to award members of Congress who do the best stuff for working families, they didn't make it easy. Not only did they study voting records and legislation sponsored and promoted, but "applicants were asked to submit policies and practices within their own offices that support working families and flexible workplace options."

Whether some working mothers worked late to complete these apps is unclear, but 50 members of Congress took the bait. Twenty-four of them won. The Crypt wanted to know the identities of the 26 members who took the time to apply, thinking they had a shot, but were turned back.

"Unfortunately, Working Mother does not disclose the applicants," said Jackie Cook, representing the contest, in an e-mail.

Unfortunate, indeed. The winners will be announced in the August/September issue of Working Mother magazine. But The Crypt scoops them after the jump...
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