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Best -- and worst -- things to buy in July

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By Jamie Young/GOBankingRates

In addition to 4th of July sales, July promises to offer a whole month's worth of savings. Whether you're redecorating your home or looking for cheap summer entertainment, there are a number of items that go on sale this month.

1. Swimwear

"Although we typically advise against buying clothes that are in-season, July tends to be one of the best months for swimwear deals," said Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor at DealNews. "You can expect discounts to range from 25 to 80 percent off and starting prices as low as $5 for children's swimwear and $9 for men's and women's swimwear."

2. Furniture

New furniture hits showroom floors a few times a year, and during the summer that time is August. July will be when retailers are rushing to move older stock out so they can bring in new pieces. In fact, you can expect to spend 10 percent to 50 percent less when purchasing furniture during this month. Outdoor furniture is usually the most heavily discounted, as there won't be much demand once fall arrives.

3. Video games

Not only is July 8 Video Games Day, you can find many discounted video games throughout the whole month of July -- if you know where to look. The annual Steam Summer Sale begins in late June, but continues into July, allowing you to score big name titles for big discounts. You can find games like Call of Duty for 50 percent off or Skyrim and Portal for up to 80 percent off.

And don't forget to check out used games either: Many new games are released in the fall and winter, just in time for the holidays. Then, early adopters will buy them new, play them for a few months and sell them to used game stores who sell them for cheap. This is your chance to get like-new games for great prices.

4. Amazon Prime

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you're in luck. Just as they did last year, Amazon will feature Amazon Prime Day 2016 -- this year on July 12. Last year, the sales from Amazon Prime Day rivaled that of Amazon's Black Friday deals, so they promised to make it an annual event. There will be over 100,000 deals on Prime Day, with new ones popping up every five minutes. So, if you're a Prime member you're bound to score some great discounts.

Worst Things to Buy in July

Although swimwear is discounted the most in July, it's probably best to wait to buy other summer apparel. July is also time to start thinking about when you should -- or shouldn't -- buy the kids' new school supplies. Here are some things to avoid purchasing this July.

1. Summer clothes and sunglasses

Summer apparel will be heavily discounted during July 4th sales, according to Glaser. However, it could be worth your while to wait until August -- or September for sunglasses -- when the discounts get even better. Near the end of summer is when retail stores clearance out the majority of their seasonal gear, so you'll find the biggest discounts on everything from "sunnies" to sandals. Waiting until August allows you to gear up for next year without spending much.

2. School supplies

Summer might not be the time to be thinking about school, but you have to prepare the kids for next year before you know it. Waiting until August to do your back-to-school shopping will save you the most money. Although it might seem like you're cutting it close, if you can wait until a week before school begins, you'll find the best deals.

3. Grills

"July is not the best time to buy a grill," said Glaser. "There will probably be some deals over the holiday weekend, but these prices will drop further in August. That's when you can find discounts that take up to 50 percent off your favorite name-brand grills. If you can, make [do] with your current grill and upgrade at the end of the season."

If you can't wait, however, some 4th of July deals can still be pretty good, allowing you to still use the grill through the remainder of the summer. You just won't get the deepest discounts in July.

Whether you're taking advantage of some great July 4th sales or prepping the kids for school, don't forget to avoid the high prices. Stick to buying items when they're the cheapest to make your summer worth it.

This post was originally published on GOBankingRates.

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