Best and Worst Sales Meetings

Last Updated Aug 10, 2007 8:32 AM EDT

I've been thinking about all the corporate events, like sales meetings, that I've attended over the years.

My best event was a Christmas party thrown by Peat Marwick Mitchell at the Bonaventure Hotel in 1977. A giant Star Wars poster, actors dressed as characters, robots running around the room, open bars everywhere, and two live bands, with every employee (and their spouses) invited.

My worst event was an "employee appreciation day" -- a picnic where the executives were served steak and lobster under a canopy while the regular employees got hot dogs and beans in the hot sun. Guess which group I was in.

Things could have been worse, though. The cheapskates who served us hotdogs could have hired this guy: WAITER or even worse, this guy: SIMON.

On the other hand, one reason the KPMG party was so entertaining was that, based upon my ex-wife's stories, the work environment was pretty much like THIS. (And I'm not entirely joking here; just add some cocaine and you've got KPMG in the late '70s.)

Kidding aside, have you got any good sales meeting stories? Meetings that fell flat? Or meetings that were more fun than humans should be allowed to have?