Best 3 Sites for Free Word Templates

Last Updated May 19, 2010 12:10 AM EDT

Templates are one of the great under-utilized features in Word. All too often, when people need to create a document, they start from a blank page -- even if it's the same sort of document they've done a hundred times before. Trip reports, meeting summaries, budget forecasts... you name it.

You can easily streamline you day by collecting templates for the writing projects you most commonly perform, and using them as the basis for all your new docments. And where do you get all those wondrous templates? Well, I've got some killer resources for you.

MakeUseOf recently rounded up a handful of their favorite Word template resources. I've used a couple of these myself, and can attest to the fact that they're worthy of your Web bookmark.

Microsoft Office Online is, not surprisingly, the premier location for Word templates (as well as templates for other Office aps like Excel and PowerPoint). Here you'll find a broad range of excellent templates -- all free -- mostly submitted by a robust community of Office users.

Mactopica is a great resource for Mac users of Microsoft Office. What Mactopia's template collection might lack in quantity, it surely makes up for in quality. Many of the templates you'll find here show a rich design sense that rivals high end commercial products.

FInally, Stock Layouts might be in the business of selling templates, but they also have a bunch of well-designed free one available as well. And you're find some unique templates here, such as a restaurant menu, which I haven't seen elsewhere.