Bernie Sanders on his trip to the Vatican

WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Shortly after returning from his trip to Vatican City, Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) appeared on Face the Nation to discuss the latest on his presidential campaign. Face the Nation host, John Dickerson, asked the Vermont senator what he learned about Pope Francis, from his brief trip to the Vatican.

"I learned that this is an extraordinary man whose vision is having an incredible impact on our world in terms of focusing on the needs of the poorest people on this planet." Sanders said and added, "He has been out front in telling us that our planet is moving in a suicidal direction unless we deal with climate change. So this is an extraordinary man."

Sanders stated that he met briefly with the Pope, and attended a conference discussing morality in politics which covered many of the issues that his campaign has been highlighting.

"If we're going to save this planet, we have got to make certain that it is not Wall Street greed and the greed of big money interest who dominate what goes on politically in this country, but the needs of ordinary people, many of whom are hurting pretty badly right now."

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