Beluga whale seems to have a taste for the arts

(CBS News) While I've come to agree with the phrase "everybody's a critic", the silver-lining may be that everyone also has an appreciation for the arts. Which segues perfectly into our next video above of a beluga whale who appears to have an appreciation for the arts. Take a look.

Argh, another case of "vertical video syndrome" (which we've posted about before here on The Feed), but we'll go ahead and forgive it this time because of the fascinating content actually in the video.  The caught-on-tape moment was posted by artist Scott M. Fischer who writes:

While visiting the Mystic Aquarium (with artist-pal Tony DiTerlizzi and family) I stopped to show a 10 year-old beluga whale, named Juno, my sketchbook. Check it out!

Okay, sure, one might say that Juno was simply enjoying the attention and looking at whatever she was being shown, but I like to think that she actually was appreciating the work and even giving praise through some of her movements (and this is not the first time we've seen a beluga whale appear to appreciate the arts here at The Feed). What do you all think? Feel free as always to leave me some comment love below. And to check out the actual work that was being shown to Juno, you can go to Scott M. Fischer's blog post about it here with the art from his sketchbook.