Behind The Scenes At 'CSI'

Thursday night's episode of "CSI" opened with a bang — hundreds of them, in fact, in a massive police shootout.

It lead to an awkward moment for "CSI" star George Eads, while co-star Paul Guilfoyle says it took a big emotional toll on his character, police Capt. Jim Brass.

In a behind-the-scenes look, Guilfoyle tells The Early Show, "There's a lot of gunfire, there's a lot of chasing of bad guys and stunts, and a lot of stuff you see in a feature film, really, that we worked on, worked very hard, and got lucky, really, to be able to get the production value out of it. It looks great."

Reflecting on one of the scenes, he says: "I think what is kind of interesting to me about this is that it has to be a kind of accountability on the part of the police.

"The challenge for me, particularly, was people you work with, maybe, you know, lost their lives in their job. And while you're describing them, trying to be scientific and precise, often times you find an emotional unraveling that combines with it. And that's the kind of double, uh, event that was going on, certainly for my character."

As for Eads, the challenge of the scene was having to speak in Spanish.

"I had forgotten that I had asked for my character to be bilingual," Eads says. "I don't speak fluent Spanish. I took it in college. But I got to the set and realized that my dialogue was in Spanish. And, so, I had a crash course in my Spanish 101."

There is a lot of screaming in his scene. "People screaming at me, and trying to remember phonetically, (laugh) my Spanish," he says. "So, we'll see if I pulled it off."

Next week, Eads takes "The Early Show" behind the scenes for part two of Thursday night's episode. He'll talk about investigating the crime scene in the wake of that massive police shootout.