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Beck Compares Obama to the Nazis; Ad Boycott List Reaches 46; Viewers at 3M

Glenn Beck's audience reached nearly 3 million this week, even as the number of sponsors who have axed their ads in his breaks reached 46. And Beck dug himself in deeper yesterday by comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler (video below).

It seemed for one brief moment on Wednesday that Beck might apologise for calling President Obama a "racist" with a "hatred of white people" -- thus ending the advertiser boycott of his Fox News Channel show -- but that moment has passed.

The context: This is unusual. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a complete, deliberate, sustained abandoning of a top-rated show by corporate America.

Although the story remains the same, as each day passes it becomes more dramatic. Who will cave first? Fox and Beck? Or advertisers who want 6 million eyeballs?

In the meantime, Beck yesterday addressed the president's alleged funding of Americorps with "half a trillion dollars." (It's actually being funded with less than $1 billion a year.) Beck claimed Americorps will become Obama's version of the SS:

... this is what Hitler did with the SS, he had his own people, he had the Brownshirts ...
(They're actually going to be restoring parks and building houses.)

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