BBC FM&T Adds COO To Keep Management, Spend On Track

This story was written by Robert Andrews.
The BBC is moving is deputy director of policy and strategy, Kerstin Mogull, to be chief operating officer of its future media and technology division (FM&T) - a move designed to strengthen management control following the 36 million ($64.8 million) 2007/08 overspend, which was blamed on poor management and communication.

The new role, reporting to new FM&T controller Erik Huggers, is designed to "focus on the effective management and governance of the division, its partnership with the BBC's other divisions and its relationship with the BBC Trust". Essentially it's an organisation and compliance role, ensuring management and policy is kept on track while Huggers works at the coalface. He said the new role was "critical", allowing FM&T to build "real coherence".

By Robert Andrews