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Battleground State Profile: Wisconsin

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State Data:

2008 Primary Results:

Barack Obama: 68%

Hillary Clinton: 41%

John McCain: 25%

Mike Huckabee: 23%

Ron Paul: 22%

2004 Election Results:

John Kerry: 49.70%

George W. Bush: 49.32%

2000 Election Results:

Al Gore: 47.83%

George W. Bush: 47.61%

Racial Breakdown:

White: 87.3%

Black: 5.7%

Hispanic: 3.6%

Other: 3.4%


Under 25k: 25.6%

25-50k: 31.3%

50-100k: 33.6%

Over 100k: 9.4%


Less than H.S.: 15.0%

H.S. or Higher: 85.1%

BA or Higher: 22.4%

Grad/Prof Deg: 7.2%

Who do you think will win Wisconsin?

John McCain

Barack Obama


A Republican nominee hasn't won this state since Ronald Reagan did in 1984. But it has been exceedingly close the last two presidential elections, and John Kerry won by less than half a percentage point in 2004. Both McCain and Obama had very strong showings here during the primaries in late February. McCain's 22-point win over Mike Huckabee allowed the Arizona senator to declare himself the Republican nominee, and Obama's victory over Hillary Clinton was equally impressive in that he did relatively well among the white, blue-collar voters that he has struggled to win over in other states. Recent polling shows Obama and McCain running neck and neck here.

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