Band made up of one baby will rock your socks off

(CBS News)  After posting on the epic cover of Massive Attack's song "Teardrop" played using fruits and vegetables, I found myself in a creative and experimental music mood. And so I frantically started searching and sifting through the Internet to find more great material to match my mood on behalf of you, my faithful readers. Then I saw the item above and knew my search had come to an end. Watch one baby as an entire band in this creative and cute music video.

It only reinforces a point I've made in the past (click here and here for examples) that with enough base material and some very slick editing, you can turn almost anything into a masterpiece. The infantile (in a good way!) music video was posted by Vimeo user Joey Angerone who writes:

It was an idea I had for a while.. and one morning my little (9 month old) guy was looking for some fun, so we set up the camera and let him get his hands on some different equipment. He loves making sounds, and even smiles when he watches the video.
Along with experimental creativity in music, this is another recent case of parenting done right that has earned Joey a round of applause and "bravo!" from all of us at The Feed! And to check out more great work from Joey Angerone, be sure to visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.