Parenting done right with singing and silliness

(CBS News) Though I haven't had the opportunity to experience it for myself yet, I'm sure many of you are parents, and I personally look forward to a day when I can share in some silliness with my son or daughter (Editor's note: your blogger is totally single for any ladies wondering). You know, show them the family trade of viral video curation, learn how to spot the cutest cats online, and now, added to that list after watching this video above, sing an adorable duet together.

The very cute father-daughter singing session of "Mahna Mahn" is endearingly titled "My Greatest Achievement" and was posted by YouTube user Jesse Teeters who writes:

The culmination of 2.5 years of parenting. Our first duet.
We here at The Feed would like to throw out a big triple-rainbow salute of cool dad to Jesse for this way too cute rendition, and really hope to see more duets in the near future! And if you'd like to check out some other great work by Jesse Teeters, make sure to visit his YouTube page.