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Parents of American killed in Greece speak out

Family of American killed in Greece

The parents of Bakari Henderson -- a 22-year-old American who was beaten to death last month in Greece -- are speaking out about the loss of their son. 

In an interview you'll only see on "CBS This Morning," Jill and Phil Henderson tell co-host Gayle King that their son felt more comfortable overseas than he did in the United States. 

"He just felt it was safer over in Europe and overseas in general," Jill said. "He said, you know, with the climate, with African American males in the U.S., that he just felt more comfortable overseas." 

During their conversation, King addressed the irony of Henderson's death, given that he was killed in a country where he said he felt safe.  

The parents of Bakari Henderson an interview you'll see only on "CBS This Morning."   CBS News 

Henderson was beaten to death after a fight broke out on the Greek island of Zakynthos in July. 

His friends previously told "CBS This Morning" the attack began when Henderson and his friends put their drinks down near a group of men at a bar on the Greek island of Zakynthos. One friend said two men grabbed the beers, smashed them on the table, and brandished the shattered bottles as weapons.

At least 10 people followed Henderson out of the bar, including an employee and the bouncer, according to police. They have been accused of beating Henderson and leaving him unconscious in the street. Greek police say Henderson died from severe head injuries.

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