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Bad Boss Registry Keeps You from Working for a Jerk, Easy Way to Commit Libel

What do you think of your boss? Is he or she bad enough to warrant being documented on a Web site as a warning to others? If so, now's your chance to identify your manager's greatest foibles. And if you're job-shopping, now you have a place to check out your potential employer before you sign the contract.

eBossWatch is a site where you can log your experiences with and rate your manager. The site is anonymous -- just enter your boss's name and location, and then answer a short survey about him or her. You get questions like these:

  • I feel like there is open and honest communication between my boss and me.
  • I feel like my boss cares about me as a person.
  • I trust and respect my boss.
  • I recommend this person as a good boss to work for.
You can also search the database to see what people think of specific individuals. And there's a link to the eBossWatch National Sexual Harassment Registry as well, which gives you information that's, well, self-evident.

I sympathize with the site's goals in principle, but I find the anonymous nature and lack of accountability very worrisome. Indeed, as a boss myself, I worry that this is a magnet for abuse and libel. I'm not sure how long this site can -- or should -- exist, so enjoy it while it lasts. [via Fast Company]