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Bacon Cocktail, Anyone? JWT's Annual Trend Predictions Are Ridiculous as Usual

Two things are guaranteed at the end of every year: Santa Claus will come down your chimney and JWT's chief trendspotter, Ann Mack, will release a ridiculous list of "trends" she predicts will be important in the coming year.

BNET noted a year ago that Mack's modus operandi consists of two things: assuming that something which is already going on will continue to occur (and naming it as a "trend"); and wild guesses. Mack has not disappointed with this year's list.

But before we get to that, how did she do last year? In 2008, Mack predicted these trends for 2009:

  • E-mail will decline.
  • Sous Vide at Home: a technique in which food is vacuum-packed and cooked at precise temperatures.
  • The Pisco Sour: Peru's national cocktail, featuring egg whites and simple syrup.
  • Weird vacation locations: such as home swaps, staying in a monastery and pod hotels.
Needless to say, none of these things happened.

Among Mack's "predictions" for 2010 that can be more fairly characterized as "things already happening" are:

  • Zach Galifianikis
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  • "Deficit Neutral" policies
All of these things came up in headlines in 2009. One does not need to retain the services of JWT -- or pay $500 for the ad agency's in-depth report -- to figure out that we'll see more of them in 2010.

Among Mack's guesses that BNET confidently predicts we will not be seeing much of next year are:

  • Bacon in Cocktails: Because when I finish work I want a martini that smells like breakfast?
  • Dry Shampoo: Americans take more showers than any other nation on earth. Good luck breaking them of that habit with non-water detergent.
  • Fermentation: Mack thinks you'll be canning your own fruit by the end of the year. Dream on.
Kudos to Mack for spotting one thing correctly: Liverpool F.C. and Spain striker Fernando Torres will indeed be huge in 2010. He combines a fearsome goal-scoring ability with boyish good looks. But you didn't need to be the Amazing Kreskin to know that the World Cup happens this year, and that Spain are favorities to win. Here's a video of Torres in action for Liverpool F.C.

Image by Flickr user griraffes, CC