Backstage With Bon Jovi

The band Bon Jovi has been rocking for more than two decades, and the boys have definitely not lost a step with a new smash that's flying up the charts.

The Early Show's Dave Price got a chance to hang out at the unofficial kickoff of their "Have A Nice Day" tour at the Nokia Theater in New York City.

"Have A Nice Day" may sound like something the Partridge family would say, but Jon Bon Jovi says the message can be taken in different ways.

"You can take it literally," he says. "Or the way it's taken here, 'have a nice day' - end of conversation. That's really the point of the song. In order to not seem on a moral high ground, the best way to say is you have a difference of opinion is to end the conversation. We all can live in the world together. Tolerance: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mets fans, Yankee fans, everybody should get along. It doesn't mean I have to argue with you, and it doesn't mean I have to have the moral high ground. It's just, have a nice day."

And that is just what he said as he greeted the fans in a thick New Jersey accent before performing the title song.

The smirking smiley face on the CD cover reflects the band's message. The album is Jon Bon Jovi's first of new material since 2002's "Bounce," and it is the band's ninth career album of original studio material.

Bob Dylan is credited as the inspiration for the blistering anthem "Last Man Standing," who represents the last link to a vision of rock 'n' roll meant not to merely entertain people but to change their lives.

"When Johnny Cash died," Jon Bon Jovi says, "I picked up my guitar and got the idea that Bob Dylan was the last man standing, the last of the real gods. It was for Dylan, Cash, Lennon, Elvis — that's what I was thinking."