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Back Up Your Windows Mobile Phone to a 200MB Cloud with My Phone

Imagine if Microsoft created a service that automatically synchronized with your Windows Mobile Phone, storing all of your phone's contents on the Web. Well, dream on no longer, because My Phone is now in open beta, and you can use it to keep your phone backed up to the Web.

My Phone requires Windows Mobile 6 or higher -- I had to upgrade my ancient Windows Mobile 5-powered-Blackjack in order to try out the service, for instance. Setting up the service is a snap, though. Just enter your phone number at the My Phone site to get a text message, which you then use to install the 500KB mobile client. Enter your Windows Live ID and, in a couple of minutes, your phone is configured to automatically sync its contents with the My Phone site.

My Phone keeps a copy of everything on the Web -- including your phone's contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and text messages. It also syncs your photos, making it a snap to download or share images that might otherwise fester on your phone forever. Documents aren't a problem, either, since you get 200MB of online storage. You can use My Phone as a connected resource to all the contents locked away in your phone, and you can also use it as an easy way to restore all your stuff to a new phone in one fell swoop. I wish there was more under the hood, like a way to sync you're my Phone data with the rest of your Windows Live account, but for now your options are somewhat limited. Nonetheless, My Phone is a nice addition to your Windows Mobile service and, of course, it's completely free.

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