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Back Up Your Brain with Your Camera

It really sucks when you park in a multi-level lot and then end up wandering up and down the rows because you've forgotten where you've left your car. It's even worse when you're traveling and are unfamiliar with the lot to begin with. (Once, I even forgot what my rental car looked like!) While we wait for the technology to emerge that allows us to retrace our exact steps based on the pings coming from our cellphones (USA Today), there's a simpler way we can use our phones to remember locations. MAKE magazine suggests either leaving yourself a voice message with the details or simply taking a picture of the spot with the built-in camera. Taking photos is a great way to back up your memory in general, especially if whatever you're doing involves multiple steps. Next time you embark on a repair project, for example, you can create step-by-step record to make sure you don't end up with a bunch of extra screws.

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