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Back From The Dead

Film audiences may best know actress Regina Hall as the lovable and opinionated Brenda Meeks in "Scary Movie."

Although Brenda met an untimely death in the horror movie parody, it hasn't stopped her from returning for the film's sequels, including "Scary Movie 3."

Hall tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler that in the new film, the youth are in Brenda's hands. "And that's a scary thing," she says, "because she's still as impatient and not the best role model for the kids to have but does her best definitely."

The comedy spoof takes shots at the latest blockbusters, including "The Ring," "Signs," "Matrix Reloaded," "Eight Mile," "The Others" and more.

Hall says the Scary Movies are fun to make: "The director, David Zucker, he has a really great knack for physical comedy, so a lot of the falling and stuff, like falling over the couch, is more precise than you think. But it was a fun cast and a fun atmosphere and, I think, that makes the long days really easy."

"Scary Movie 3" will be released in theaters Oct. 24.

Some Facts About Regina Hall

  • Regina Hall was born in Washington, D.C., in 1971
  • Began career with a recurring role on the ABC daytime serial "Loving"
  • In 1997, Hall had a guest role on "New York Undercover"
  • In 1998, the actress appeared in the independent comedy "Too Tired to Die" and the independent drama "Tears of a Clown"
  • In 1999, Hall played the striptease artist Candy in "The Best Man"
  • In 2000, Hall acted in "Love & Basketball"; co-starred as Brenda, the feisty girlfriend of a football player of ambiguous sexuality, in "Scary Movie"; featured in the HBO original movie "Disappearing Acts"
  • In 2001, Hall reprised her role of Brenda in "Scary Movie 2"; she joined cast of "Ally McBeal"; she had a supporting role in the fact-based crime drama "Paid in Full"
  • In 2003, Hall played Shondra in "Malibu's Most Wanted"
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