Baby gorilla Gladys has a new mom, fresh start on life

(CBS News) Gladys, the baby gorilla that was abandoned by her mother at birth, has a new mother, and a fresh start on life.

"CBS This Morning: Saturday" reported back in March about Gladys, who was moved to the Cincinnati Zoo from Texas after her birth mother rejected her.

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The staff at the zoo was faced with a challenge back then: take an abandoned baby gorilla, raise her until she's ready to be placed with a new gorilla family, and hope that she's accepted.

"CBS This Morning: Saturday" checked back in this week with Gladys, and found the five-month-old baby now thriving.

Gladys got her first glimpse of the outdoors, playing and sitting in a tree with M'Linzi, a 31-year-old veteran mother gorilla who's adopted Gladys as her own.

Baby gorilla
Gladys, a baby gorilla rejected by its birth mother, has been adopted by a 31-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. CBS News

Thane Maynard, of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, told CBS News' Terrell Brown, "You know, it's really neat to see that she is settled in with M'Linzi, each day doing a little more. Very early on M'Linzi would try to hold her, but sometimes Gladys would get bad and maybe try to bite her, bite her on her finger.

"But over time, they settled in, and certainly the sign that they're sleeping together is a great example."

For more on Gladys' journey and the zoo's efforts, watch Terrell Brown's full report above.