Baby fever heading for Chinese couples?

CHANGSHA, China -- China is hoping for a new baby boom, after a landmark decision to loosen its limit of one child per family.

This week, three more provinces, including Henan, the most populous, said they would join dozens of others and allow some families to have a second child.

CBS News met a couple that is thinking about it.

Cherry Jing and her husband Leo would have faced a huge fine - up to six-times their income - if they had another child in addition to their son Michael.

Cherry and Leo Jing and their son Michael CBS News

They were planning on it before the policy changed.

"Maybe he will feel lonely and he doesn't have siblings to share his toys," said Cherry.

China's one child policy was implemented more than 30-years ago. Promoted in propaganda posters.

Chinese propaganda poster

It was designed to slow population growth and reduce the financial burden of raising kids.

But last November the government announced it was making a change.

China's ruling Communist Party can be vague about why it is making reforms. When it comes to China's "one child" policy it said it is trying to balance population growth and create a younger workforce.

Nearly 200 million people in China are now over the age of 60. And for the first time in history of communist China, the labor force is shrinking.

Now up to 20 million more couples could have a second child.

Although Leo has does not want to have a second child as much as Cherry does.

"I'm not wedded to the idea, because, it brings so much financial pressure," said Leo.

Cherry and Leo Jing's son Michael CBS

The subject was sensitive enough that Cherry switched to Chinese during the interview with CBS.

"How can you not want (another baby)?" she asked her husband.

Whether this household will exercise their newfound freedom is yet to-be-determined.