B-School Blogs: WaMu's $18m Three-Week CEO, B-School No Place to Hide, To MBA or Not to MBA, and More

Last Updated Oct 21, 2008 12:27 PM EDT

Blogger RVD at Wharton West MBA for Executives has some capitalistic insight on the case of the WaMu CEO getting $18m for three weeks of work. RVD says it's un-American to limit CEO pay at failing banks, and if the government decides to place a limit on their salaries, then the best talent simply will look to other industries.

Tinydancer thinks people planning on going back to b-school to ride out the financial crisis are in for a rude awakening. Although current students aren't fearing lay-offs for themselves, everything that is happening right now in the economy does not paint a pretty picture for anyone.

To MBA or Not has doubts about all things MBA these days; the non-stop job hunting and preparation is growing beyond tiresome. As the frustration mounts, she's considering closing off her options and walking away.

Inside HBS offers insight on the RC first semester courses. Unlike many business schools, HBS designs their curriculum so that every student takes the exact same courses taught the same way their first, a.k.a. "required curriculum" (RC), year. Zoe
Robins explores unsolved business mysteries and lays down some thoughts culled from Ron Wilcox (author of "Whatever Happened to Thrift" and her two-time marketing professor), when he shared what interests him academically: "the uplifting topic of the debt cycles of U.S. households.:

Meeting management guru and MIT Sloan professor Peter Senge last week helped Darden's Mandy Lozano add texture to and fortify the framework of her life's work -- helping halt the global climate crisis -- and provided a more concrete vision of the changes that must happen for the human race to continue to inhabit this Earth.

Sam Huleatt's blog Leveraging Ideas muses on why the process of buying online is insanely difficult and cumbersome.

HBS's Bradley Lautenbach shares his run-in with the school's famous campus squatter--a turkey. The interloper with a "fowl" attitude chased Lautenbach across the lawn and got his blood pumping for the first case of the morning.

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