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Azealia Banks throws tantrum on plane

Azealia Banks, no stranger to controversy, threw a tantrum on a plane early Tuesday morning and then called a Delta flight attendant a "f***ing f****t."

The rapper was trying to get home after a flight from New York to LAX when she flew off the handle, trying to yank her bags out of a flight attendant's hands.

The commotion started when the plane landed at approximately 1 a.m. on Tuesday and Banks tried to leave through the front door. A French couple in front of her apparently blocked her exit, and when she tried to squeeze, the man stopped her with his hand. Sources told TMZ that Banks went "nuts."

They said that Banks spat in the man's face, punched him and clawed at his shirt. Then, a flight attendant came to try and defuse the confrontation, which is where the video picks up.

A Delta rep told TMZ they were "looking into" the situation, and eyewitnesses said that though Banks tweeted that the French man hit her in the face (she has since deleted the tweet), all they saw was the man putting up his hand for her to stop.

Police were able to find Banks at baggage claim and spoke with witnesses, but the French couple did not want to press charges.

This isn't Banks' first time using the homophobic slur. She has called Perez Hilton a "messy f****t" before on Twitter, and defended her use of the word. She also pointed out that she herself is bisexual.

As usual, Banks has taken to Twitter to defend herself. She retweeted several tweets from fans who said they were "disgusted" by the way Banks was treated and that she was only treated that way because of her race.

Banks dared future flight attendants to mess with her, tweeting: "Here's me on a plane waiting for another b**** a** flight attendant to try me."

She added that she is bisexual, her brother is transgender and her employees are gay.

Banks isn't the only celebrity to get in hot water for using a homophobic slur: Jonah Hill, Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen have all apologized in the past for using similar verbiage.

Go here to watch the NSFW video.

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