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Azealia Banks calls Donald Trump her "hero"

Azealia Banks might be the only American hip-hop artist openly supporting Donald Trump, but she’s certainly vocal enough to make up for it.

The rapper took to Facebook to celebrate Trump’s victory in the presidential election and said she was especially happy that he “beat the liberal media.”

“I’m just sooooooo relieved,” she wrote. “I’ve dealt with SO MUCH bulls*** on behalf of the liberal media and to have someone beat the liberal media is just so refreshing and Inspiring.”

She later said again, echoing Trump’s infamous remarks, “We beat the liberal media! Grab me by the p****!” 

She also called him her “F***ING HERO.” 

Banks got into a tiff with her followers, though, when they criticized her for supporting Trump and called her mentally ill. 

She wrote, “Wow, so since a black woman didn’t support Clinton, she’s mentally ill....” and continued in another post saying her fans needed to “get some of this crazy” in order to be as talented and impactful as she is. 

If I'm mentally ill and can a.) very accurately predict the outcomes of future events b.) make incredible music...

Posted by Azealia Banks on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Y'all need to RELAX, the democrats have been playing on your fear to convince you to vote for them. Stop being scared...

Posted by Azealia Banks on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Banks has gotten into hot water before for incendiary comments on social media, getting kicked off a plane and getting into an altercation with Russell Crowe.

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