Avoiding Foreclosure One Mortgage Apple Cake At A Time

Last Updated Jul 29, 2009 12:01 PM EDT

Most folks who are down on their luck start praying or buying lottery tickets.

Not Angela Logan. The actress and mother of three has starting baking and selling what she calls "Mortgage Apple Cakes" to avoid falling into foreclosure.

Last Friday, the New Jersey Record published an account of how the Teaneck, NJ Mom was hoping to bake and sell 100 cakes at $40 each in order to make her $2,559.94 mortgage payment. She has had her mortgage modified, but needs to make these payments on time in order to comply with the mortgage modification plan.

As of Tuesday, Logan has received 500 orders for her cakes. Teaneck officials have logged 15 complaints from residents who want to know why Logan can bake and sell cakes from her house without a commercial baker's license.

Complaints, complaints. Logan had bigger fish to fry - and apples to slice. She was hoping to make 2 cakes at a time, baking around the clock.

Meanwhile, the Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights read about Logan's plight and offered her a corner of their commercial kitchen, where Logan can now bake 10 cakes at a time using the hotel's commercial mixer and ovens. She was at the hotel, baking, when Teaneck officials showed up at her doorstep to tell her she no longer could use her ovens to bake cakes for commercial purposes.

You gotta love the timing - and pretty much everything else about this story.

Logan still has to buy her expenses - but apparently $4,000 ($40 x 100) is enough for the ingredients, shipping (will she charge extra for her one order in Hong Kong?) and her mortgage payment. Right now, she has five months worth of payments, just about enough to get Bank of America to permanently modify her mortgage.

Logan's solution to her financial problems is clever. You never know - even if she can't bake cakes from her house, she might be able to take orders and ship from her "home" office.


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