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Avoca-dough: Here come restaurants specializing in the fruit

Avocado restaurants a new food trend

If avocados top your list of favorite foods, you're in luck -- at least seven avocado-themed restaurants have opened around the world.

The fruit has caused controversy in recent years as the rise of such delicacies as avocado toast for hefty price tags has led to finance-shaming of young people who shell out wads of cash to partake.

But avocado restaurants are hoping the fruit's popularity, combined with a social media push, will boost their bottom lines.

At Avobar in London, customers sometimes take more photos than bites of their food.  

''We've had people stand on tables and spend 20 minutes before eating their food," Avobar Executive Chef of Gareth Sanderson told CBS News' reporter Gwen Baumgardner in an interview.

Avocado-related hand injuries on the rise

He says chefs at the restaurant slice and dice more than 400 avocados a day -- no wonder, considering avocados are part of every dish on the menu. That includes items like the Avo-bun burger, where bread is replaced with a full avocado, and avocado ice cream with beetroot powder and chili flakes on top.

The concept has also taken off in the U.S. market with restaurants like Avocaderia in New York and Avocado Grill in Florida looking to cash in on the trend.